Friday, October 16, 2009

The Economics of Babies - 1

One little baby can have such a big impact on the economy. When I look around at the amount of things Anna and I have amassed so far, I am blown away by the impact one baby could have.

When I first started the baby making process I had a discussion with my Anna about how I think lots of people go over the top with babies, and that we should try to source as much second hand stuff as possible. The decision wasn't a fiscal one; as TINKs without a mortgage, cash was not an issue. Rather, it was about trying to rectify some of the wastage that comes from babies - taking some second hand stuff off people's hands. cheaper for us and saving them the trouble of storage or getting rid of the items.

I think it is fair to say I falied.

The whole baby miracle has been taken up by a consumerist nature. Having a baby, for many people, is no longer the deeply spritual and special gift that it once may have been. Rather, in the same way that weddings have gone before, it's now about showing off your prosperity. And I'm sad to say, it appears as though I have been caught up in it too.

The best pram, the timber cot, the whitest white bassinette, the rocking chair for mum, the rocker for baby, the baby backpack for dad, the baby bjorn, the baby bjorn rip-off, the sling, eco friendly nappies, eco unfriendly nappies, bottles, clothes, rugs, hooded towels, video cameras, swiss balls.... the list goes on.

Laying in bed this morning, I started to think, what is the economic impact of one baby? Is this an area of economic study that my insular mind has never entered?

In the absence of any real research on my behalf, here is some political hokeypokey on the impacts of the baby boom. I'll get to some baby economics over the next few posts.

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