Sunday, January 9, 2011

Politics - a dirty word

Why won’t our leaders lead? And, how could they expect us to believe in them if they don’t hold any beliefs?

I regularly hear other people talking about politics at work and I can’t seem to get interested in it. The problem is that I see politicians as conniving weasels that will do and/or say whatever it takes to win the next election. Politicians, in my mind, do not appear to believe in anything. They appear bereft of any individual thought – being only able to tow the ‘party line’.

But here’s the problem, the ‘party’ line is no longer based on any central tenet. With potentially the exception of the Greens, I can no longer base my voting decision on a set of ideals that both the party and I share. Tenets such as economic liberty or worker protection are largely gone from our political system.

For instance, surely the shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey, as a Liberal Party member, should oppose government intrusion in the financial system, and yet he is always going on about how the current Government should increase regulation in the banking system to reduce the rights of banks to increase interest rates (here).

Whether there is a need to intrude in the banking system or not, surely the impetus for this type of policy should be coming from the workers party – the ALP – rather than the Liberal Party.

Populist and median voter policies frustrate me to no end. If you want to lead a country – work out what you believe in, choose a party (or not) that suits those beleifs, grow some balls (figuratively, ladies) and stick to your guns.

Don’t be one of those snivelling little people that are so scared of losing their job that they don’t speak up when they see something that is wrong or against your beliefs. Instead, try your hand at leading.

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